maxresdefaultWe all want our electronic devices free of any malfunction or attacks from cyber criminals. Hence it’s important to ensure that even the devices left at home are protected. ESET antivirus provides a variety of products that offer protection for home gadgets. These products are diverse to serve different platforms that include Android, Apple, Windows and Multi-device users.




ESET provides two home products for these users;antivius2

  • ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS which is the basic antivirus for windows and protects against hackers, malware, and data theft without slowing you down.
  • ESET INTERNET SECURITY which is an advanced antivirus and internet security for windows. It entails comprehensive protection with a firewall for everyday web users, thanks to ESET’s trademark best balance of detection, speed and usability.



There are two home products for these users;eset-mobile-security-for-android-png

  • ESET MOBILE SECURITY that is an antivirus for Android devices that provides comprehensive protection for your Android Smartphone or tablet, including proactive Anti-Theft.
  • ESET PARENTAL CONTROL which is our child-friendly app that helps you keep your kids safe online – includes child locator.




There are two home products for these users too;

  • ESET CYBER SECURITY is the core antivirus. It provides fast, effective Mac antivirus protection against malware and phishing.
  • ESET CYBER SECURITY PRO which is an advanced version that entails adequate all-in-one internet security for your Mac, including personal firewall and parental control.


Applies for all these three platforms as it is an advanced antivirus pack for Android, Windows, and Mac. It provides comprehensive protection for laptops, desktops, and Androids with a single license.

All these products come at a pocket-friendly price. Follow us as we educate you next on our business security products.ESET, Proven, Trusted and Tested.favicon

Rely on a security solution that constantly protects you from emerging threats. Enjoy safer technologies with ESET.



ESET Internet Security

If you read our previous article on ransomware, you now have an understanding of how stressful,painful and expensive an attack can be. Having to see your data or documents that you have worked for as an individual or company get taken. Well, not to worry, ESET has you in mind. Today will talk on how to safeguard your business with ESET Internet Security.

Internet security is branch of computer security related to the internet often involving browser and network security. Its objective is to establish grounds against attacks over the internet. A computer user can be tricked or forced into downloading infected software, which come in many such as malware (e.g.Ransomware), viruses, spyware, Trojan horses and worms. Other than that, other attacks can come in terms of Denial-of-service attack (DoS attack), phishing (e.g. emails) and application vulnerabilities (e.g. flawed authentication checks).yes, just as it sounds the attack is imminent.
The solutions against the attacks using ESET Internet security are:
 Network layer security
 Internet Protocol Security(IPsec)
 Security tokens
 Electronic mail security
 Pretty Good Privacy(PSP)
 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension(MIME)
 Message Authentication Code
 Firewalls
 Browser choice                                          In order to see through the solutions, ESET Internet Security comprises of the following products:
 Antivirus: – it is a program that protects programmable devices by detecting and eliminating viruses.
 Password manager: – A software application that ensures safe organization and storage of stores passwords encrypted usually enabling the user create a master passwords
that grants access to the entire password database.
 Security suites :- composed of suites of firewalls, anti-spyware, theft protection, portable storage device safety checks, cloud anti-spam, file shredder.
ESET internet security is essential for a business as it ensures safe internet connections and operations