Has Your Smartphone Been Hacked?

2111201660% of all Kenyan adults possess a smartphone today. We need these gadgets with us all the time since they help us navigate in today’s digitized society. They take high-quality pictures, it’s a quick access to latest news and entertainment. They connect us to people through social media and interaction is easy without the need of postal services. These gadgets make us feel connected to the world.

However, smartphones contain almost 80% of our personal data and to some 100% of their lives are contained in these gadgets. Personal data include bank PINs, passwords, credit card numbers, very personal messages and emails you name it. Even though these gadgets make navigation through life easier, it increases the risk of being hacked and personal data stolen or exposed.

44238790-Hacker-is-stealing-information-from-a-mobile-phone-Stock-Vector Viruses are designed to steal information and sometimes it is very hard to know if you are hacked or if it is just the phone that has issues. This is because, most viruses hide in the “background” and are harder to detect. The main question here is how can you know if you are hacked? If your phone has been infected, it may show sudden erratic behaviors that affect the connectivity and usability of your phone. Other signs may include, unauthorized charges and transactions to your credit card or bank or the phone seem unresponsive, text messages and calls that you did not make etc.


  1. Do not download data from unknown sources and take time to research and read reviews before downloading anything to find out if it is legit or not.
  2. The best way to keep your phone safe is to purchase an appropriate antivirus and always keep it up to date. ESET Mobile security for example has features that secures every inch of your phone starting from anti-phishing  to SMS.

best-mobile-antivirus-appESET mobile security has anti-theft features that locks your smartphone in case your phone gets stolen and therefore protects your personal information. Other than that, it facilitates tracking of your gadget whenever it is stolen and many more.



Stay protected and enjoy safer technology with ESET.





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